Have you been involved in any kind of auto accident in the last 5 years? Did you know that even low speed collisions can cause LONG TERM whiplash? The symptoms of whiplash are neck and shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, and depression. If you have some or all of these, you might have whiplash and not even know it.

Research has proven that even low speed collisions of 5 miles an hour, can cause whiplash. The average head weighs about 8-10 pounds. The head is connected to the neck which has seven small bones. When that car hits you from behind, your neck is pushed in the direction of the force that hits your car. What can you do if you experience the symptoms of whiplash? In recent times, chiropractic has become the best source for getting relief from these symptoms. What might shock you is that 8 of 10 people who see chiropractors complaining of headaches or nervousness, have been in auto accidents.  Chiropractor’s are typically the first physician involved in whiplash pain.

How does someone get whiplash?

Try something with me. Tip your head as far back as it will go. Now in your imagination, add another three inches. Ouch. This is what happens when neck injury occurs from an auto accident. The definition of whiplash is: “An involuntary thrust of the head in any direct, during which the head goes in one direction and the neck in the other.” As you can see, when this happens there’s going to be some damage.  The thing to remember is that ONCE YOUR SPINE HAS BEEN SET IN MOTION, IT WILL GET WORSE UNLESS IT IS TREATED AND RESTORED BACK TO ITS PROPER AND ORIGINAL POSITION. What began as a stiff neck and some headaches after an accident, turns into severe loss of mobility of the neck, severe headaches and severe nervousness after a couple years.

Chiropractic is proven effective treating whiplash: If you think your headaches, stiffness, or pain could be the result of whiplash, run (don’t walk) to your chiropractor.

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